Cannellini vs butter beans? Legume comparison


Legume comparison:

AttributeCannellini BeansButter Beans
Scientific NamePhaseolus vulgarisPhaseolus lunatus
Common NameCannellini beans,Butter beans,
White kidney beansLima beans
AppearanceSmall, kidney-shapedFlat, oval-shaped
SizeApproximately 1.5 cm1-2 cm in length
ColorCreamy whitePale green or white
TasteMild, nutty, earthyMild, buttery, slightly sweet
TextureCreamy when cookedCreamy and soft
Nutrition (per 100g)
Calories333 kcal115 kcal
Protein24 g7.8 g
Carbohydrates63 g19.9 g
Dietary Fiber11 g5.3 g
Fat1.5 g0.4 g
Vitamins and Minerals
Vitamin C0%0%
Vitamin A0%0%
Cooking TimeTypically 45-60 minutesUsually 15-20 minutes
Cooking MethodBoiling, simmering,Boiling, steaming,
or slow-cookingor sautéing
Culinary Uses
SoupsCommon ingredientOften used in soups
SaladsSometimes addedYes, especially in
for extra proteinMediterranean salads
StewsYes, adds creaminessOccasionally used in
and thicknessstews and casseroles
Dips and SpreadsUsed in hummus andNot typically used
bean dipsin dips and spreads
Main DishesPopular in ItalianCommon in Southern
dishes like Minestroneand Latin American
and pasta e fagiolicuisines, often as
a side or main dish
AvailabilityWidely available inEasily found in
canned and driedcanned form and can
forms in mostalso be found fresh
supermarketsin some regions
Health Benefits
High in ProteinYes, excellent sourceProvides a good
amount of protein
Rich in FiberYes, promotesContains dietary
digestive healthfiber for digestion
Low in FatYes, especially inLow in fat, making
fat contentit heart-healthy
Good Source of IronYes, helps preventContains iron,
anemiaimportant for blood
Vegetarian-FriendlyYes, commonly usedA staple for many
in vegetarian andvegetarian diets
vegan diets
AllergenicityRarely causesLess likely to
allergiescause allergies
**Potential Side
Gas and BloatingMay cause gas andMay cause gas and
bloating in somebloating in some
SummaryCannellini beans,Butter beans, also
also known as whitecalled Lima beans,
kidney beans, areare flat, oval-
small, creamy whiteshaped legumes with
legumes with a milda mild, buttery
nutty flavor. Theytaste. They are
are commonly usedoften used in
in Italian dishesMediterranean and
like Minestrone andSouthern cuisines
pasta e fagioli.and are known for
They are high intheir creamy
protein, low in fattexture. Both beans
and a good sourceare nutritious and
of iron and fiber.versatile in the
Butter beans, alsokitchen, but they
known as Lima beans,have some distinct
are larger anddifferences in
have a mild,taste and texture.

In summary, Cannellini beans and Butter beans, also known as Lima beans, are both nutritious legumes, but they have some differences in terms of taste, texture, cooking time, and culinary uses. Cannellini beans are smaller, kidney-shaped, and have a mild, nutty flavor, while Butter beans are larger, flat, and have a mild, buttery taste. Both beans are excellent sources of protein and dietary fiber and can be incorporated into various dishes to enhance their nutritional value and flavor. The choice between the two often depends on personal preference and the specific culinary application.

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