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    Large ice crystals can form on frozen food and its packaging due to a process called freezer burn. Freezer burn occurs when the moisture in the food evaporates and then re-freezes on the surface of the food or packaging, forming large ice crystals. This can happen when the packaging is not airtight, allowing moisture to escape and form ice crystals. Additionally, fluctuations in temperature within the freezer can also contribute to the formation of large ice crystals on frozen food.

    Another factor that can cause large ice crystals to form on frozen food is improper packaging. If the packaging material is not designed to prevent moisture from escaping, it can lead to the formation of ice crystals. Inadequate insulation within the packaging can also result in temperature fluctuations, which further contribute to the formation of large ice crystals. To prevent this, it’s important to use proper airtight packaging and store frozen food at a consistent temperature within the freezer.

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